Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life

Just finished the feature length documentary with long time director friend and colleague Andrew Sandler.  Produced by Riveting Entertainment. Score coming to the music section soon!


After spending the past few years traveling with Chris Brown to direct his music videos and collect footage from his live shows, Andrew Sandler decided to piece together a tell-all documentary that examines the background and personality of the young pop star.  With interviews from other pop music icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and Jamie Foxx, as well as other entertainment celebrities, including Mike Tyson, and Rita Ora, the documentary brings a broader scope to the life of Chris Brown and his life as a singer, dancer, and entertainer.

For the score, I decided to develop some simple themes, and approach it more texturally, to hopefully capture some of the gritty, ambivalent, and uplifting moments from Brown’s past and recent life in a unique and contemporary style.  While most of the music was composed “in the box,” I brought into the fold live guitar, cello, and flute.

The documentary is currently undergoing the festival circuit, and is set to air on TV in mid 2016.  Will keep you posted!

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